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With $1.1B Valuation, Course Hero Joins the Edtech Unicorn Stable

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Haus raises $4.5 million to replace your wine club membership

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Moov, A Marketplace For Used Manufacturing Equipment, Emerges From Stealth With $2.4M From NFX

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Gentem raises $3.7 million to fund future growth


Virta Health Raises $93M to Expand Clinically Proven Treatment to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

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This woman tattooed the logo of diabetes management start-up Virta Health on her arm to remind her to stick with the program


Allbirds is charting a climate-positive roadmap that other brands can follow

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Huckleberry raises $18 million to match small businesses with insurance plans using AI


The rise of Recess, a New York startup that could be the White Claw of CBD

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Lululemon COO to leave for luggage maker Away

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Atom Finance’s free Bloomberg Terminal rival raises $12M

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Forbes 30 Under 30 Venture Capital